From the beginning, I used to criticize! Carragher

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From the beginning, I used to criticize! Carragher admits to being amazed by Man United players.

Jamie Carragher has admit he misjudge Lisandro Martinez and admitted the Manchester United defender has been outstanding this season.

Martinez struggled to adjust to the Premier League upon his arrival, particularly in his first two defeats to Brighton and Brentford, with Carragher insisting the Ajax’s height is “almost as big as he could have been”. Argentina will problem for him this season.

However, Martinez has worked tirelessly to counter the criticism. And it looks like he’s done it this time, as Carragher has to say.

“Lisandro Martinez was brilliant, being a small player. and plays in the center back position Obviously you have to be a special player,” said Carragher.

“He’s a big part of the Manchester United team spirit, there was one game I saw a few weeks ago. and he is a substitute And then someone scored towards the end of the game. He was there to celebrate the goal as well.

“At the World Cup with Argentina We saw him fight. When he and Casemiro moved in, they felt more powerful and stronger. People with this size will reveal their weaknesses about the ball in the air. which must happen someday.”

“Every player has a weakness. The best players hide it or make sure it’s not revealed. He is a very good player and he surprised me with the way he handled it.