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Pochettino targets Milan as No 1 for Chelsea

Chelsea ‘s new Argentinian coach Mauricio Pochettino is considering a possible bid for goalkeeper Mike Magon . The French national team of AC Milan in the Italian Serie A Kaloch battle to watch the pole this summer. Since officially taking over the reins of Chelsea, Pochettino immediately started planning the team he wanted. In which the

Man Utd may be willing to spend 40 m. to grab Raya

Manchester United are reportedly considering a £40m offer from Tottenham Hotspur for Brentford goalkeeper David Raya . pole in summer In the past, both Manchester United and Spurs continued to look for a new goalkeeper. After next year’s goalkeeper position. 1 is still a question mark and Raya’s name has always been associated with both “Red Devils” and “Golden Spur Chicken”.